The Office of the Jurisdictional Secretary

The Secretary's office works under the auspice of the Jurisdictional Bishop. The Executive Secretary and Assistant Secretary are appointed by the Jurisdictional Bishop to handle general correspondence from the General Secretary's office. The Secretary's office responsibilities include maintaining updated roster of clergy, churches and the Women's Department. Register and certify all delegates to the Jurisdictional and National meetings. Write official letters for the Bishop and Jurisdictional officers. The Secretary of the Jurisdiction shall keep the minutes of Jurisdictional meetings, and shall have charge of the seal and corporate books and shall make such reports and perform such duties as are required of him by the Corporation, and shall also sign all certificates, contracts, deeds, and other instruments of 'the Jurisdiction' as authorized by the Jurisdictional Bishop.

ARC (Assessments Records and Credentialing)

The ARC system can be access through If you previously had an account in the ICAS system that you can use your existing account to access the area. If you do not have an account you will need to register for you new ARC ID.


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